About eLA

e-Learning Academy | Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus 

e-Learning Philosophy

“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon

The idea is simple; to embark into a Student centered attitude and an intentional learning culture in Taylor’s University through the e-Learning innovation. With technology advancement influencing heavily in the development of higher education in Malaysia, the e-Learning academy sees it apt to use such well laid foundation and advantage to realise such philosophy.

Taylor’s University recognises the importance of such transformation in education and therefore see it a necessity to equip graduates before entering a competitive world through customised learning using the technologies of e-Learning.

e-Learning Academy aims to develop all staffs’ and students’ ability:

  • Become active and independent learners;
  • Communicate, collaborate, plan, analyse and solve problems;
  • Use apply new technologies, particularly in teaching and learning.

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