Innovative Workshop on X-Space : Taylor’s University Collaborative Classroom by Associate Prof. Dr. Philip Wong

X-Space, Taylor’s Collaborative Classroom

A new generation of learners is emerging. Sooner or later, to conduct lessons using the traditional method (lecture style) will be ineffective. Taylor’s University recognizes the needs of this new generation of learners and has recently embarked to design a collaborative classroom which is able to support students’ abilities in collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, interpersonal communication, and ICT competencies.

X-Space is the future smart classroom in Taylor’s University. These are purposefully designed and flexible formal learning spaces to facilitate a diverse learning experience in a highly collaborative and engaging manner. The room can be configured differently with tools to facilitate communication and collaboration. With this X-Space, we hope to further enhance creative and critical thinking skills as well as student engagement and understanding. The technology used in this collaborative classroom will also promotes positive attitudes, a greater inclination to learn, an increase in student achievement and thus motivate students to become more engaged in the lessons.