Adding Effects and Transitions

By adding transitions and effects, you can make sure that your movie flows nicely from one scene to the next and give it the look you want.

Transition controls how your movie plays from one video clip or picture to the next. You can add a transition between two pictures, video clips, or titles in any combination on the storyboard / timeline. Choose to use a popular and great-looking transition like a Fade or use more brash transitions; Bars, Shatter, or Zig Zag (to name just a few).


1. Adding effects to the movie project
a. In Video bar ➡ right click & select video Sample Fire.
b. The video is selected. Click Video Effects. A pop-up will appear.
c. From the list: select Sepia Tone & Speed Up Double. Click Ok.
d. In Displayed Effects, you may rearrange the list based on a preferred sequence.

e. Play the video for preview in Preview Screen.

2. Adding transitions to the movie project
a. Under Edit Movie ➡ click View Video Transitions. A list of video transitions will appear.
b. Scroll down & select Circles ➡ drag it to the video Sample Flower in Video bar.
c. Play the video for preview in Preview Screen.

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